On-line Gifted Education

For educators, psychologists, and parents around the world in the gifted education community, Arizona State University is now offering a Gifted Education Graduate Certificate entirely online through ASU Online. The program is designed to meet the requirements of most gifted education credentialing boards and councils.

Dóra Kokas

Dóra Kokas was born in 1992 and has already established herself as one of the leading cellists of her generation, performing regularly as a soloist with orchestras and as a chamber musician. Dóra studied at the Ferenc Liszt Music Academy under the direction of Miklós Perényi and she was also a student of the Razumovsky Academy in London in the class of Professor Oleg Kogan.

Benjamin Kovács

Benjamin Kovács is a Hungarian composer and actor. Since his childhood Benjamin has been working for different theatres and televisions in Hungary as a voice actor and actor. He studied several musical instruments when realized that composing applied music is the biggest challenge for him. Currently, he has been working as a composer for various theatre companies around Hungary and also study drama pedagogy at Pannon University, Hungary.

Balázs Csémy

Balázs Csémy is a Hungarian actor. He has mastered his acting skills in three different countries: Canada, England and Hungary. He graduated from the University of Film and Theatre Budapest, and attended courses in York University, Toronto and Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, London where he graduated from their MA Program Theatre Lab. As a professional actor he has performed in several plays, classical to contemporary, drama to comedy in various theatres in Hungary. Balázs speaks five languages and has always had the opportunity to work in multicultural environment.

Boateng Carmen Stephany

Stephany Kármen Boateng received her first piano lessons at the age of six and made a rapid progress in her first year of piano studies. In 2004 she won the grand prize of the Margit Varró Piano Competition. From this point, she gained prizes in sequence, from lower to higher-ranking competitions.

Call for application to be a European Talent Centre or an Associated European Talent Centre

The 2014 General Assembly of ECHA agreed that ECHA will support, regulate and guide the formation of a European Talent Support Network. European Talent Centres will form the hubs of this Network, while European Talent Points will be its nodes.

Invitation to application submission to become a European or an Associated European Talent Point

The European Talent Centres invite European and non-European talent support organisations to submit their application to become a European or an Associated European Talent Point.

SciTech International Summer Research Camp 2016

Technion the Israel Institute of Technology will organize the 23rd SciTech camp for high-school students. This English language program is intended for students with exceptional ability in mathematics, science or computer technology.

XLAB organizes International Science Camp in Goettingen, Germany

Every summer since 2003 XLAB has organized two International Science Camps. Since then, exactly 664 students from at least 45 different nations came to Goettingen, the site of one of the oldest and most famous universities of Europe. The program is particularly attractive for high school students, undergraduate college and university students being 17 to 22 years of age.

Interview with Mojca Juriševič

The Slovenian stakeholders in talent support and development held a round table discussion in connection with the forming European talent Support Network in August 2015. Csilla Fuszek, the director of the European Talent Centre Budapest also took part in this discussion. One of the reasons reason of this meeting was the fact that the Educational Psychology department of the Pedagogical Faculty of the University of Ljubljana became a European Talent Centre.


Talent is a special kind of natural resource that is available in every country.