Recent (2022-24) activities of the Talent House (Matehetsz – European Talent Center – Budapest)

The Association of Hungarian Talent Support Organizations (Matehetsz) was established in 2006 by representatives of Hungarian talent support organizations with long traditions and outstanding importance in Hungary and beyond. The Association has 39 member organizations, which provide a wide-ranging expert and institutional background and network for the implementation of the different project tasks. 

In order to identify and nurture talents, thanks to Matehetsz, a broad social and political alliance was created over the past years. As a result, since 2009, three nationwide talent support programs involving several 10 thousands of children were implemented with the support of the European Union, using around 20 million euros. In addition, projects created annually with the support of the National Talent Fund were also implemented. 

The talent support activities of the last two years are smaller compared to the previous ones, the programs are organized with the financing of the National Talent Fund. 

The target group of the programs: gifted and talented Hungarian students from the country and among the Hungarian minorities, young people, teachers and psychologists, and parents. 

The aim of the programs – as before:

  • preserving and enriching talent support traditions and activities, 
  • supporting the cooperation of the Hungarian talent support communities in the country and beyond the border among the minorities,
  • supporting the talent point network that has already been implemented, 
  • the development of talent support specialists according to modern standards through training courses and professional workshops, 
  • exchanges good practices that ensure the professional development of talent support tasks,
  • professional maintenance of the results of the Tutor network established in previous years, 
  • the regular provision of the services of the Tehetségház and the Matehetz newsletter,
  • individual talent management programs, provision of scholarships for students and young people, 
  • helping alumni organizations, 
  • performance of tasks arising from international relations. 

Current activities: 

1. Continuation and renewal of the previous tasks of the National Talent Center, which:

  • coordinates the registration of Talent Points through online programs, 
  • ensures the updating of existing databases,
  • professionally supports the work of the Talentpoints of the Talent network.
  • creation, expansion and operation of the talent library and reading room located online and in the Tehetségház.

The current number of talent points is more than 1,500. The average monthly visitation of the tehetsé Matehetsz website is 40,000 people. 41 Matehetsz issued books are available free via the website alongside 21 pcs. booklets. Professional short films and webinars can be viewed on the Matehetsz so called Talentchannel (YouTube).


2. Renewal and continuation of the National Tutor Program, which has been operating for more than 5 years. This program mentors talented young people throughout the country, maps the existing talent support programs for them. It affects cc. 100 students this year.
This program mentors talented young people throughout the country, maps the existing talent support programs for them. It affects cc. 100 students this year.

3. Scholarship program for exceptionally talented students, approx. provided for 100 students

4. Implementation of methodological and professional programs in five selected institutions. 

5. Professional programs (lectures, workshops, cultural evenings) for teachers, experts and students in the Talent House. 

6. Ensuring the domestic and international activities of the European Talent Center. Hosting international groups of teachers and experts, providing programs for them: e.g.: organizing visits to Talent centers/points, presenting good practices. Conducting the domestic application of the Global Talent Mentoring program. Carrying out tasks related to the development of the European Talent Support Network (ETSN). 

7. Carrying out communication tasks: websites, newsletter, Facebook and Instagram pages.

Talent is a special kind of natural resource that is available in every country.