Balázs Csémy

Balázs Csémy is a Hungarian actor. He has mastered his acting skills in three different countries: Canada, England and Hungary. He graduated from the University of Film and Theatre Budapest, and attended courses in York University, Toronto and Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, London where he graduated from their MA Program Theatre Lab. As a professional actor he has performed in several plays, classical to contemporary, drama to comedy in various theatres in Hungary. Balázs speaks five languages and has always had the opportunity to work in multicultural environment.

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“Studying in a class with mixed nationalities in drama school in London made me realize how limited and superficial my knowledge of theatre back then was before I started the course. It was one of the most rewarding challenges of my life to closely work together with my Japanese, Mexican, American and British classmates and create a piece of new dramatic work where everyone was able to bring something unique to the table: creative ideas and solutions I would never have been able to come up with on my own.

Ever since then I considered it crucial to see beyond the schemes and tricks that are present in my own culture and thus I actively took part in riskier projects, where I was able to challenge myself and grow as an artist. These projects were collaborations in an international context, works of theatre and film, and they have helped me enormously the last two years. It forced me not to sulk anymore, to open up and become brave and to be ready for change and development. I feel much more confident today, due to all the input I received from working with people who actively represented what they knew and what they learnt from home but in the meantime were all ready to understand and believe in a new perspective and value difference.

I hope to follow with this track in the near future and share my experience and talent with as many people as I can.”

Balázs Csémy

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