What has the Youth Platform given me? - Ádám Pálvölgyi

I'm Ádám Pálvölgyi, a third-year student of Architecture, who is interested in many other subjects and fields besides his profession. I enjoy almost every field of creative work, for example, I love making short films about my travels, I love showing the world from my point of view through photography, and I am also happy practicing visual arts.

Ádám Pálvölgyi

I got in touch with Youth Platform in 2017 and since then I owe a lot of my experiences and experiences to the team, I improved my networking skills, especially in an international environment, and it helped me to learn project-based problem solving. I have made friends and many connections in the community, with whom I have kept in touch throughout the pandemic. My fondest memories are of my days in Dublin, working with inspiring people in an inspiring environment and having a lot of fun with my friends in the evenings.

I am currently studying what is probably the most versatile branch of engineering and art for me: architecture. Three years ago, I started my undivided course at BME, where I try to do my best, participating in international competitions, research and also on the Scientific Student Conference. 

Talent is a special kind of natural resource that is available in every country.