On-line Gifted Education

For educators, psychologists, and parents around the world in the gifted education community, Arizona State University is now offering a Gifted Education Graduate Certificate entirely online through ASU Online. The program is designed to meet the requirements of most gifted education credentialing boards and councils.

Students of the Gifted Education Certificate program will gain an understanding of the theory and pedagogy needed to identify and serve gifted children. Graduates of the program will acquire the skills needed to develop instructional methods and services for these students. Through the program, you will learn how to work with other administrators, school boards, and parents to learn how to be an advocate for gifted students in their schools.

This program consists of 15-credit hours between 5 classes, which can be completed within a two-year period while pursuing an additional online graduate degree or as a stand-alone certificate.

ASU Online offers six revolving start dates every year; applicants to this program can begin as early as August 17th, 2017. For more information, browse the program guide and visit ASU Online.

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