13th ICIE conferences on Excellence in Education & Psychol

18-21 May 2016

The 13th in the series of ICIE conferences on Excellence in Education & Psychology will be held in Rijeka (Croatia) on May 18-21, 2016 featuring Creativity – Innovation – Latest Development in Research & Practices.

The main aims and objectives of the Conference are to

  • encourage volunteer spirit;
  • promote excellence and sustain quality;
  • connecting Communities;
  • strive for improvement;
  • evolve responsibly;
  • meet community expectations of quality;
  • sustain competitiveness and viability; and
  • balance innovation with core essentials.

According to the organisers’ intention the conference will provide the participants with opportunities to Explore the latest developments in education & psychology in general, and innovation in education in particular; Integrate the latest technology into the education system; Debate the future of education & psychology: What are the challenges ahead? Learn from innovative case studies where educational institutions have taken the initiative; Engage in a series of seminars designed to debate the theory and practice of real improvement in education & psychology; and Participate in pre-conference workshops designed to develop participants' competencies.

Among the keynote speakers we find a Hungarian lecturer Kristóf Kovács of the Eszterhazy Karoly College, Hungary with his paper: A Process Overlap Theory of the Positive Manifold in Intelligence


For more information please visit the website of the conference:



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