The Platon Youth Forum – in 2015

For about a decade  the Platon Youth Forum brings together 50 highly interested and motivated young Europeans (aged 15-20 years) to discuss issues that affect the European community as a whole. In small groups, participants get to know each other, discuss challenging topics and learn to understand each other’s point of view. Though dealing with very challenging topics, previous knowledge is not required, but rather motivation and sensitivity.  Participants of this international youth camp spend a week at a boarding-school located in a beautiful village close to Salzburg, which offers lots of leisure time activities.

The Platon Youth Forum is organised by the club “Friends of Platon Forums”  in cooperation with the University of Salzburg, Department of Education and the association “ECHA-Österreich” (European Council for High Ability).

Now we are sorry to inform you that this year the Platon Youth Forum 2014 will NOT take place. But next year, in 2015 they will have a jubilee of 10 years and all those who are interested in this movement are kindly invited by the organizers, Martina Nussbaumer and Sieglinde Weyringer. Information about this event will be posted soon on the Platon Youth Forum’s website.

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