Center for Talented Minds (CTM)

The Center for Talented Minds (CTM) offers a unique opportunity for talented young European students to accelerate and enrich their learning with programs designed to boost their motivation, confidence and performance.

A member of the European Talent Support Network, CTM expertise stems from a long-term association with the Center for Talented Youth (CTY), Johns Hopkins University, a leading world authority on talent development.

To students 11-18 years of age CTM offers:

  • Online courses in English guided by experienced instructors;
  • Preparation for Advanced Placement (AP) exams, a key for admission to prestigious universities; and
  • Variety of in-class and summer talent fostering programs.

CTM Online Program connects talented students with their peers around the world.  Students choose from over 100 courses in physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, informatics, English, humanities, economics and personality development. CTM instructors motivate, advise, mentor, monitor progress, and provide detailed feedback to each student individually.  Some schools have integrated CTM online courses into their school curricula as electives for their top students and use them also for preparation of individual study plans.

The most popular and the most demanding are Advanced Placement Courses (AP) created by the College Board, which offer college-level curricula and examinations to secondary school students. AP courses emphasize critical thinking and reasoning as well as learning through inquiry. Students gain detailed knowledge of key subjects, substantially improve their technical English and become well prepared for AP exams and university admission.

By taking AP exams, students prove their interest, ability and determination to succeed in university studies. With a score of 3 or higher on a 5-point scale, they have a higher probability to be accepted at a university of their dreams, receive scholarships and course credits at universities in the United States and more than 20 other countries including Great Britain, Germany, Austria, Netherlands and Denmark.

CTM is a partner of the College Board for administering AP exams at Czech and Slovak schools.  CTM students rank consistently among the best in AP exams earning on average a 4.06 and much superior to the global AP average of 2.89. It helped many to universities of their dreams including Oxford, Cambridge, Yale, Johns Hopkins, NYU, MIT and others.

CTM offers more than just online education. It runs Discovery Saturdays, an in-class program for talented children 5-15 years of age. It runs a CTM Summer Program. It organizes competition for CTY Summer Program for Czech and Slovak students, provides training for schoolteachers, and works with universities and research institutions to prepare young Europeans for university success.

More on how to joint CTM Online and other CTM programs in English at:

Talent is a special kind of natural resource that is available in every country.