New European Talent Centre in Spain

We are glad to inform you that there is a new member of the European Talent Support Network: the “Huerta del Rey” Centre from Spain was qualified as European Talent Centre.

The Centre has been active since 1989 and focuses on gifted and talented students with different disorders such as ADHD, Learning Disorder, Asperger etc. Their motto is:

‘It is not about making exceptional adults but happy children’.

Their work is divided into five different interconnected fields that helps them to have a wider and better knowledge of the gifted students. These fields are:

  • Evaluation, Identification and Diagnosis, the Centre operates as a reference point for gifted and double exceptional children in Spain
  • Education Programs: different Programs for gifted students
  • Training Programs: national and international  congresses, teacher training courses and conferences
  • National and international research activities
  • National and international publications

As a European Talent Centre they have several services to offer to the European Talent Support Network:

  • Huerta del Rey is a resource Centre at national and international level
  • It can contribute to  national and international research activities
  • They can offer assessments 
  • They can give special training for teachers and parents
  • They are happy to exchange students in Summer Courses

The "Huerta del Rey" Centre which is directed by Yolanda Benito Ph.D. will continue combining scientific research, education (for parents, teachers and professionals) and practice (including psychodiagnostic, counselling, and organizing talent development programs) to promote evidence based best practices for educating intellectually gifted individuals.

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