Kállósemjéni Diákokért és Ifjakért Egyesület - European Talent Point

Our association was established in 2013 and 2 months later we established our Talent Point. The main objective of our talent point is to support the talented students coming from our disadvantaged region. Throughout the years we developed 2 good practices. One is to improve the logical and problem-solving thinking skills through board-games, and the second one is to improve digital competencies through LEGO Robot programming.

Our programs were launched in the spring of 2014 and we continuously have groups in both fields ever since. The continuity of the activities and the contest preparations are financed through applications.

The Talent Point is situated in a disadvantaged region of Hungary, where the majority of the parents are unemployed, or low educated. There are few jobs, salaries are low. We would like to increase the chances of our pupils in the field of education and in the job market, therefore we try to improve the following competencies of the students: digital competence, problem-solving thinking, social and language competences, teamwork, success and failure tolerance, creativity; all those that will be necessary for future employees.  Our staff believe that these gaming activities keep up the pupils’ motivation  and the pleasure of creating bring significant results in their academic improvement and it has positive effect on their learning progress as well.

Our concept of giftedness is :‘Talent’ is a complex concept, in which the most important components are motivation, dedication to the task, endurance, competitive spirit, emotional stability. Our aim is to form student groups whose members are gifted in different domains and they complement each other, so that they can become a real co-creating team.

Our programs are self-developed programs, which we’ve been improving, and re-forming during the years based on the feedback of the pupils, contest organizers and parents.

Anybody who shows interest in our activities is welcome to join our program. The target audience is 5-18 years old pupils. Based on their performances during the activities, we will select those pupils who perform above average or differ from the average in endurance, motivation, and task-awareness. We work with these pupils separately. They are invited to various enrichment programs and provided with the opportunity for individual improvement.

Our association has a quite strong social capital. We are in daily contact with numerous national and international organizations, schools, talent points and experts. We try to share our good practices, and learn about others’ good practices to extend our services as well.

As EU talent point we hope to widen our international contacts, and that not only our pupils, but our experts working at our talent point will be given more chance  for co-operation, sharing experiences, being part of mutual projects, and organizing international contests.

As EU talent point we welcome professionals, to whom we can introduce our good practices, and we are happy to organize trainings for professionals working with children, and we are also ready to organize and carry out summer camps in our region. We would join in developing, testing and researching new talent management programs with pleasure as well.

Talent is a special kind of natural resource that is available in every country.