59 MEPs signed WD on talent support in one single day

In her one minute speech Ms Gál welcomed the initiative of the European Union to spend the sum of money received with the Nobel Peace Prize on children in war-torn areas. At the same time, she noted, that young people of the so called „lost generation” within the European Union also need to be focussed on. As a good examlpe of national programmes creating employment opportunities for the young, Ms Gál mentioned the Hungarian initiative: „Future of the Next Generation.” Towards the end of her speech Kinga Gál took the opportunity to promote the importance of the EU Written Declaration on Talet Support just opened for signatures int he European Parliament.

For the WD in all languages of the European Union please follow this link

For the current number of signatures backing the WD 34/2012 on talent support please go to the web site of the European Parliament.

Talent is a special kind of natural resource that is available in every country.