Programmes/centres for the gifted in EU

National Asssociation for Able Children in Education

National Asssociation for Able Children in Education in the United Kingdom


Dublin City University Center for Talented Youth, Ireland

Radbout University Nijmegen

Begabungszetrum Bayern GbR

The Bavarian Centre for Gifted and Talented Children was founded on 11/1/2008 in Freising with the goal of offering a broad spectrum of services aiming at promoting talent development.

The centre is specialized in identifying and promoting gifted children and teenagers (3-18), as well as coaching and counselling their parents and educators. The centre has built a strong network with experts both inside and outside of Germany.

Österreichisches Zentrum für Begabungsförderung und Begabtenforschung

Austrian Centre for Gifted Education and Research

Millenium Youth Camp

MYCAmp is an international summer camp organized for gifted students in Finland. You can read

at our page Best Practices.


Talent is a special kind of natural resource that is available in every country.