IGGY Conference: Global & Gifted 2013

3-5 July 2013



IGGY is an international social network for gifted 13 to 18 year old students, which is designed to challenge members and help them reach their full potential. It is funded by the University of Warwick and provide access to academics and resources, a safe place online to interact with other gifted students across the world, a friendly and proactive support network.

In addition to projects, challenges and activities covering a wide range of subjects, they now offer an excellent opportunity to bring together teachers, researchers, specialist organisations and professionals working in the field of gifted youth, and educational technologists, the  Global & Gifted international conference taking place from 3rd-5th July, 2013 held at the University of Warwick, Coventry, UK. Following the success of last year’s conference, Global & Gifted has expanded this year to bring together leaders in this field across three days packed full of fascinating speakers and thought-provoking discussion. Delegates are welcome to the meeting for one, two or all three days. The days are grouped by themes covering Social media and online learning; Freedom, safety and security; and Gaming in education. Keynote speakers will be Stephen Carrick-Davies (former CEO of Childnet International), Csilla Fuszek (Director of the European Talent Center, Budapest), Ian Warwick (London Gifted and Talented), Prof. Javier Tourón Figueroa (University of Navarra, Spain, former President of the European Council for High Ability) and Professor Sara de Freitas (Serious Games Institute), and other speakers from MENSA, Potential Plus UK, NACE, Open University, Kids OK Online and IGGY, amongst many others.

For further information visit the website of the conference: https://www.iggy.net/globalandgifted

Talent is a special kind of natural resource that is available in every country.