3rd International Conference on Talent Development and Excellence, Antalya, Turkey

25-28 September 2013

ICTDE poster
The 3rd Conference of the International Research Association for Talent Development and Excellence (IRATDE) will be held in one of the most spectacular part of the world, in Antalya, Turkey from 25 September until 28 September, 2013. The conference is hosted by the Turkish Ministry of Education, the International Research Association for Talent Development and Excellence and the Turkish Association for the Education of Talented Children.

All participants are welcome to take an active part in the conference, which offers two strands, a scientific and a best practice strand, each of them with three different proposal formats: presentations, posters and symposiums. The conference will have a special focus on early potential and learning pathways for transforming early potential into adulthood excellence, and other topics of talent development, intelligence, giftedness and creativity.  Researchers, practitioners, teachers, administrators, parents, and students from diverse countries are all expected, because international and highly acclaimed speakers will offer a rich and diverse program on talent development and excellence.

Keynote speakers will be Jonathan Plucker from the University of Connecticut, Prof. June Maker from the Department of Disability and Psychoeducational Studies at the University of Arizona, Roza Leikin, who is a professor at the Department of Mathematics Education, University of Haifa, and Seokhee Cho, an Associate Professor of School of Education, St. John’s University in New York. We are looking forward to meeting you in Antalya!

Further information:  http://ictde2013.org/index.html

You can also read a report on the ICTDE2013 conference (since 2013 october).

Talent is a special kind of natural resource that is available in every country.