Towards a European Talent Support Network II

The international conference on networking is getting closer every day. The Association of Hungarian Talent Support Organizations (MATEHETSZ), in cooperation with European Talent Centre – Budapest (EUTC) is organizing a conference and a European Talent Day on 8-10 May, 2014, in Budapest, Hungary. The purpose of the conference is to build a European Talent Support Network, which serves as a basis to develop a talent-friendly society and effective talent support systems in the continent.

Some of our partners and supporters has already written down their thoughts about the necessity of networking. Now the series is continuing by some new ideas and remarks about the importance of cooperation in talent support.

Kinga Bereczki (program leader, Amoba Foundation, accredited talent point, Romania)

’Good ideas are generally realized by cooperation, and the most effective way of cooperation is networking. When teachers from the town and from the countryside, university professors, and average, busy citizens join together in order to develop and support talent on behalf of the society, the process brings results: the flourishing of talent, in a vital community.’

Roya Klingner (head and founder of the Global Center for Gifted and Talented Children in Munich, Germany)

‘In the 21st century the definition of networking has changed. It is more than just knowing someone. Technology gave us the possibility to share our knowledge, experiences and ideas. This can lead us to develop and evaluate our work, solve problems, and raise an awareness to support our most talented students, not only just in Europe but globally. The more I speak to people at networking events in virtual or real world, the more I can use the experience as a focus group to further develop the services I offer to my clients, who are talented kids worldwide. The prerequisite of an optimal networking is to stop playing with words and to think about doing it as soon as possible.’

Angelika Hanesz, László Pék (Council of Hungarian Gifted and Talented in Slovakia)

‘The interest of all countries and also of whole Europe is to explore, find and support talented people. Networking between European talent centres is important, cooperation and joining people of same interest to work together needs coordination. The principle of networking is about sharing information about who is doing what and supporting the brightest and the best.’

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