Be innovative - Be-novative

Be innovative - Be-novative

…everything starts with a challenge…

The 3rd day of the Youth Platform Summit was dedicated to innovation when the platform members were able to share new creative ideas with the help of the so called Be–novative Platform.

The ‘Innovation Day’ was partly held at the Central European University in Budapest and later it continued at the venue of the Youth Summit. The Be-novative Platform proved to be extremely beneficial for the Youth Platform members to find creative solutions for ongoing and future Youth Platform projects.

According to the questionnaire conducted after the 5-day-long Summit event the members of the Youth Platform found the Be-novative Platform not only fun but tremendously useful, it was evaluated as one of the best activities.

Opinions about the inovation day can be found on our Google Drive Videos folder. Want to see more pictures? Check out our photos of Day 4. on the drive!

You can read more about the event and the ideas behind it here on the Be-novative blog.

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