Visit from India

Psycholgists dr. Narayan Desai and dr. Devasena Desai are taking a visit at the European Talent Centre – Budapest at the end of October. The couple are the leaders of the so called Tribal Mensa Talent Support Program. Both the program developed for highly able multiple disatvantaged children and the people behind it are worth getting acquainted with. The program has been running for several years with a great success.

If you want to meet the Desais come and listen to their presentation at the European Talent Centre – Budapest on the 29th October from 1 pm till 3 pm.

Venue:  1119 Budapest Mérnök utca 39.

Considering the limited capacity of the room if you want to take part please register in e-mail with Zsuzsa Szilágyi ( You may invite your colleagues, too  but ask them to register individually.

More details about the guests:

Narayan Desai



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