Summer activites around Europe

2013 is abounding with summer activities. You can find some of them enlisted below categorised by countries.


The International Interdisciplinary Research Camp for Gifted

Debeli rtič, 18th to 23th August 2013

UMMI, the Institute of Education Koper, with more than a 20-year tradition of coordinating programmes for the gifted, is organising a research camp for young people aged 15 to 18 at Debeli rtič, on the Adriatic seaside, between Trieste and Koper, from August 18th to August 23rd, 2013.

The research and creative meetings will take place outdoors, in locations between Trieste (Italy) and Višnjan (Croatia), as well as in workshops where you will be able to use standard and modern technology. The participants of the research camp will be staying at Hotel Bor in the Debeli rtič youth health and summer resort, in Slovenia.

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ECPR Summer School in Methods and Techniques

Ljubljana, 25 July - 10 August 2013

The ECPR Summer School in Methods and Techniques (SSMT) is an annual event complementing the Winter School in Methods and Techniques, providing intermediate-level training for advanced students and junior researchers. Launched in 2006, the SSMT has been held at the University of Ljubljana up to, and including, the 2012 event.

The SSMT provides high quality up-to-date training in a broad range of specially selected methods across the whole spectrum of approaches employed within the Social Sciences. It especially offers intermediate-level main courses, whereas the ECPR Winter School in Methods and Techniques (WSMT) offers introductory and more advanced courses.

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FBK WebValley

Trentino, June 30 - July 20 2013

WebValley is the FBK summer school for dissemination of interdisciplinary research: almost 250 students (17-18y old) have attended the WebValley camps since its first edition in 2001. WebValley started as a regional initiative for high school students from Trentino Alto-Adige SüdTirol, and it is now an opportunity for national and international students to experiment scientific research.


Collegium Invisibile Summer School

Ciążeń Warta from 26 August - 4 September

Collegium Invisibile and the National Children's Fund since 1999, organizing a science camp for high school graduates completing participation in the scheme extraordinarily talented.

Within 10 days, the participants are involved in copyright activities prepared by students of the Collegium Invisibile and workshops with guest speakers - scientists of the best Polish universities. The course format is similar to academic seminars. In addition, each participant presents their interests related to the research paper, which prepares student Collegium taken care before the start of camp.

There will be a discussion, tours, bonfires, movie nights and music. The Summer School is a great opportunity to talk to some older friends about college - laying the schedule, the best lecturers and interesting activities.

Workshops Collegium Invisibile prepare students specializing in various fields of the humanities and social sciences and natural sciences. Each participant will attend the camp in two courses of their choice. All courses will last for 12 hours lessons (six days after two hours of classes). College students will run classes individually or in teams of two-seater. With small groups of classes will be truly workshop, seminar character.

This is to the exploration of selected aspects of the field, but also - to introduce participants to the basics of scientific rigor and familiarize them with the academic way of teaching.

Workshop guests are shorter, two-day blocks of classes, taught by the College invited guests - young researchers and leading professors.

Papers will prepare and will give participants of the Summer School. It will take a quarter of an hour and will end with a discussion. Work on papers and improve public uttering is needed in college (and after graduation) the ability of a reliable and attractive presentation of the results of their work. The aim of this part of the program is the improvement of the competence to speak in the debate and argumentation while maintaining cultural policy debate.

Rococo palace in Ciążeń is the former palace of bishops of Poznan, which was built in the eighteenth century, surrounded by equally old park, three terraces sloping towards the Warta. Ciążeń stored in one of Europe's largest collections of Masonic literature, belonging to the Library of AMU.

Collegium Invisibile is a scientific non-governmental organization focused outstanding Polish students and scientists who work together on a master-disciple. To get to the CI, to propose an individual research program and pass the relevant exam. For the most part, students working in the association that our ancient and recent scholarship.

Read more at the webpage of the organisation!


Science Camps of Joensuu Science Society

Joensuu, 10th to 14th June and 29th July to 2nd August

Joensuu ScienceSocietyorganizedfor school children aimed at science camps,during which the visit to the University in various disciplines of participants in an interesting wayin the workshops.ScienceCampsorganized in collaboration withUniversity of Eastern Finland with. Camps supervised by university students as well as teachers of departments and researchers.

The first science camp was held in August 2010 in Joensuu, Eastern Finland University campus. Camp received good feedback from theJoensuuScience Society launched in autumn 2010 throughout the school year will be science clubs. In 2013, the University of Eastern Finland in Joensuu campus of the LUMA Centre in science camps at two different times: from 10 to 14.6 and from 29.7 to 2.8.

Read more at the webpage of the Joensuu Science Society!

Helsinki Summer School 2013

Helsinki, 6th to 22th August

Helsinki Summer School is a three-week academic event organised every August by University of Helsinki, Aalto University and Hanken School of Economics. Each year we give advanced degree students from over 60 countries an unforgettable experience that combines academic studies with a wide range of cultural and social activities.

This summer Helsinki Summer School is organised in August 6 to 22 and our course offering includes all together 17 fully credited courses covering a wide range of academic fields. All our courses are designed to challenge and inspire you in any field that holds your interest. In Helsinki, a city known for design, technology and a vibrant cultural life, you’ll discover the perfect environment for studying, making new friends and having fun!


Mária Jankovics Creative Camp

Beregszász, 29th July to 3rd August, 2013

The GENIUS Charity Foundation and the Subcarpathian Association of Hungarian Teachers organized the Jankovics Mária Creative Camp for those who are fond of painting, drawing and doing other creative activities  and being with friends for a week. The camp takes place in thebuildings of the Subcarpathian Hungarian College and theKölcsey Ferenc College.The camp is a kind of award as well for those who have outstanding results at curricular competitions or arts competitions and obtained TALENTUM  coupon.

Read more on the webpage of the event!


17th ODFIE Drama Festival

Transsylvania, 1st to 4th August, 2013

Nearly 500 young students are participating in the 17th ODFIE Drama Festival in Transsylvania, between 1-4 August 2013. The festival isorganized by unitarian student acting groups, with the aim of strenghtening their connections all over Transsylvania.

The groups are coming from the following villages or towns: Bencéd, Bölön, Dicsőszentmárton, Felsőrákos, Gagy, Homoródszentmárton, Homoródszentpál, Homoródszentpéter, Kissolymos, Kolozsvár, Marosvásárhely, Nagyajta, Sepsiszentgyörgy, Szabéd, Székelyudvarhely, Szentgerice and Vargyas.

The event starts with a march and an official opening ceremony, and then the groups show their performances. The closing ceremony is at night on Sunday.

The 6th Talentum Camp

Ruszkatővölgy (Poieni Strâmbu), 25th to 31th August, 2013

Announce the IP. Talent is talent our camp. The camp is designed for IV-VII. grade students in math and science interest and develop their talents.

The program is especially recommended for students who are interested in math, science and computer technology to people who attended (the professional circles, competitions, science Playhouse), the gifted programs this year.


9th Petnica International Summer Science Camp

Valjevo, 2nd to 15th August, 2013

Summers in Petnica Science Center are the busiest and most engaging part of our year-long course plan. Students come to Petnica to realize their projects, take part in various forms of field work (archaeological excavations, collecting biological samples, etc.), and enjoy the hospitable warm climate of Petnica’s natural surroundings.

A "lighter" lecture schedule allows more free time for visiting the Petnica Cave, exploring the Petnica Lake area, and enjoying the sun at the local swimming pool and recreation center. In the warm evenings students can enjoy outdoor movie projections, visits to the Petnica observatory, and occasional barbecues. The full capacity of the Science Center dormitories is booked, and many students come for daily visits to see their friends and join the field trips.

Petnica International Science School takes place alongside these summer courses, and some of the activities are organized for both PI and local Petnica students. PI students have a chance to see how student projects are conducted on a higher level (as a result of a yearly course), but they also have the opportunity to spend time with a colorful group of young people with various interests – and not only when it comes to science. Petnica students are known for their wide specter of interests, they are talented in sports, music, theatre, they enjoy movies and literature, and they are open for making friends with new people and finding out more about different cultures. They themselves come from different social, educational and religious backgrounds in Serbia, and they are interested in different areas of research, so they enjoy and value the cultural and scientific variety that Petnica has to offer.

Visit the webpage of the event to find out more!


Platon Youth Forum

Obertrum, 28th July to 3rd August, 2013

The Platon Youth Forum will be held again this summer from 28th July to 3rd August, 2013, in Obertrum, near Salzburg, Austria. They are waiting for the applications of young (15-20 year-old) interested and motivated people.

28 July - 3 August 2013The Platon Youth Forum (Platon Jugend Forum) is a one-week international summer camp in the vicinity of Salzburg, organised jointly by the ECHA Österreich and the Department of Pedagogy of the Salzburg University. The role and goal of the Forum is to introduce 50 talented students from all over Europe to the diversity of Europe and to let them experience that it is possible to find similarities despite the differences and to help them develop a European citizen’s consciousness. The Forum is named after Plato, whose philosophy and methods of education form the basis of the programme. The VaKe (Values and Knowledge Education) model, created by professor Jean-Luc Patry, head of the Pedagogy Department of the Salzburg University, follows the teaching philosophy of Plato, so learning through dialogue, construction of reasoning systems, acquisition of advanced-level discussion techniques and opinion formation are the main strategies for acquiring new knowledge, so learning does not mean the passive absorption of information, but the active examination of new knowledge contents. The method strengthens the decision-making capacity of the participants, capacity through which young people can represent their own interests efficiently and, beyond the personal level, become capable of deciding on the economic, political and scientific issues of their country and place and judge such critical issues in the European context.

On the webpage of the event you can find out more!

International Summer Academy

Salzburg, 12th to 24th August, 2013

In the context of the 2013 Mozarteum International Summer Academy we pursue for the second time a topic which occupied us already in 2009: "Humor, wit, irony and sarcasm in music". This rather unusual area we would like to explore further this year.

Devoted to this subject, we will organize an International Composition Competition, supported by the renowned Ensemble Acrobat. Furthermore there will be also, as previously, a vocal and instrumental Competition "Humor in Music" in each of the three master class periods; and, in the same context of ideas we will have a little symposium, including a Roundtable, under the direction of Siegfried Mauser. In connection with our "Composer in Residence 2013", the renowned Austrian composer Kurt Schwertsik, currently one of the most humorous of his profession, we hope that all these events will lead us to new discoveries and more knowledge and insight on the subject. Our wish is that the motto of "humor" should also influence several of our concert programs.

On the other hand we want to include some of the " regents of the year" into our planning of seminars and concerts: Wagner and Verdi of course, but also Britten, Hindemith, and the lesser known, but highly original and interesting French composer Charles Valentin Alkan, to whom we will dedicate a seminar and a faculty concert.

Last but not least we would like to point out our organ master class with the renowned organist Hannfried Lucke which will take place this summer in the famous Salzburg Franciscan church (with a baroque and a romantic organ), as well as our Department of Early Music in collaboration with the University of the Arts Bremen.

Read more on the webpage of the event!

United Kingdom

Step up to HE - Gifted & Talented  (Years 10 - 12)

Lancaster, 5th to 8th August, 2013

A FREE 4 day summer school to allow Gifted & Talented WP students in Years 10 - 12 to gain an insight into student life and higher education. Students attending our Step up to HE Summer School will have the opportunity to take part in a stimulating and challenging research project based around one of our four academic faculties - Arts & Social Science, Science & Technology, Health & Medicine and Business & Management.

During the course of the residential students will also gain the key skills necessary to help them succeed in higher education such as academic research and writing, presentation skills and teamwork. In the evenings students will get the chance to experience the social side of university by mixing with other students from the across the UK.

To get more information on the event, please visit the webpage of the event!

St Albans & Harpenden SSP – Summer 2013 Gifted & Talented Camp

St Albans, 29th July to 30th August, 2013

We are delighted to announce details of the rest of our Enrichment (Yr1-4) and Gifted & Talented (Yr5-6) camps for the 2012/2013 academic year. It is delivered on behalf of the St Albans & Harpenden School Sports Partnership, and Ricky Boxall will be delivering the camp, as has previously done. We are looking forward to another fun-filled camp and we want you to be a part of it!

Oxford Philomusica Piano Festival and Summer Academy

Oxford, 28th July to 6th August, 2013

The remarkable success of Oxford Philomusica over the past fifteen years is mirrored in that of its annual Piano Festival and Summer Academy. The growth in stature and reputation of this Festival is clear from the calibre of musicians taking part, the clamour for places and keenness of students to return each year, and its profile in the international music community, media and beyond.

Its objective is simple: to inspire, support and encourage piano music-making of the highest quality. The Festival provides gifted young players with a rare opportunity to work alongside some of the world’s finest pianists and teachers, allowing them to concentrate exclusively on their music. They may perform and learn new repertoire, whilst feeling part of a distinct and dedicated community of artists that encourages exchange and discourages competition.

For more detailed information check out the webpage of the event!

Sutton Trust Summer School

London, 26th to 30th August, 2013

The Sutton Trust is a charitable organisation founded to promote social mobility through education.  The Sutton Trust Summer Schools are free, residential, subject-specific courses, usually a week in duration, which provide bright students from non-privileged homes a taste of life at a leading university.  The aim is to demystify elite universities and to equip students – most of whom will be the first in their families to go on to higher education – with the knowledge and insight to make high quality applications to prestigious universities.

The King’s College London Summer School gives students the opportunity to experience study and life at a world class university in central London.  Students who attend can expect to gain a real insight into the day to day life of a student, be challenged academically and take advantage of the unique cultural experiences London has to offer.

Information on the Summer School, including the different subject areas, eligibility criteria and how to apply can be found by clicking on the links below.  Please read all the information carefully before making an application.  If you have a question that is not answered on our web pages, please contact a member of the Widening Participation Department. The King’s College London Sutton Trust Summer School will run from the 26th to the 30th August 2013.  All applications should be made via the Sutton trust website.

Visit the webpage of the event to find out more!

Renaissance Music: Lessons with Lassus

Cambridge, 11th to 17th August, 2013

Orlandus Lassus was a remarkable composer, scholar, linguist and arranger and conductor of music; he was also a great and influential teacher of composers such as the Gabrieli, both Andrea and Giovanni.

We will study works written by the master, alongside music by others (including his pupils) which we know he conducted. Lassus's works will form the core of the course. The course welcomes singers and players of viols, lutes, recorders, renaissance flutes and reeds, cornetts and sackbuts, and keyboard.

The tutors will offer coaching and workshops on all aspects of renaissance ensemble performance. Music will be provided, but you are also invited to bring your own sets of parts and scores if you wish. Join us as we explore why it was that great composers and musicians of his day came to study with Orlandus Lassus.

Read more at the webpage of the event!

UK Summer Camps


There are several summer camps all over the country, there are 7 camps between 10-17 August.

Visit the Potential Plus website to find out more!

UK Summer Schools


For other summer schools, please visit this webpage, where you can find more, mainly university preparation courses!


EU summer school on "Information Foraging"

Nijmegen, 19th to 30th August, 2013

From 19 August 2013 until 30 August 2013, the 3rd EU Summer School on "Information Foraging" will take place in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. This summer school is funded by an Intensive Programme (IP) grant from the EU Lifelong Learning Programme Erasmus.

The goal of the course is to introduce students to theoretical models and technology related to all facets of (professional) interaction with information in an information seeking context. The topic ‘Information Foraging’ reflects the shift of attention in information retrieval research from static document statistics towards i) on-line systems that are designed for user interaction and ii) exploiting the collective information access behavior of communities of users. The course has been designed for master or PhD students in computer science, information science or artificial intelligence. It is assumed that students have some basic knowledge of information retrieval methods and models.

Visit its webpage to find out more!

Utrecht Summer School

Ultrecht, 17th July to the end of August, 2013

The Utrecht Summer School started in 1987 with one course with the title of Dutch Culture and Society and now it has 150 courses for university students from beginners to graduates, in English.

Lasting 1 to 6 weeks, in the months July and August 2013. European credits are provided for most courses. Besides the academic programmes, we offer furnished housing and many social activities. Utrecht Summer School is spread over several campuses in and around Utrecht. In 2012, the Utrecht Summer School had more than 2500 students from 90 countries.

Visit the webpage of the event to find out more!


Talent Bridges Programme - Holiday Intensive Talent Development Programmes (Camps)

24 June to 28 August, 2013

From 24 June to 28 August, the following 29 Holiday Intensive Talent Development Programmes (camps) covering eight talent fields are realised.

  • Logics – Mathematics: MAMUT camp (MAMUT is the acronym of the Hungarian name of the camp: Matematikai Mulatságok tábora (Mathematics Party, a camp), two rounds; Chess Camp; BoardGames for the Development of Thinking.
  • Natural: Camp for Researcher Students; Life Science Camp; Creative Nature Understanding Camp.
  • Linguistic: a programme component of all camps.
  • Bodily/kinaesthetic: SportsTalent Camp, Dance Camp; “Be a Participant in the Olympic Games Yourself”.
  • Spatial/visual: Media Camp; Cajon Drum-making Camp; Carpenter Career
  • Orientation Camp (4 roudns); Sewing/Puppet-Making Camp; Architects’ Camp;
  • Fine Arts Camp (2 rounds); “Music of the Forest” Camp.
  • Musical: Classical Music Camp; Pop Music Camp; World Music Camp.
  • Interpersonal: Drama, Movement;-DramaCamp; Literature Camp.
  • Intrapersonal: Personality Development Camp.

The professional programme of the “Brain Training” Camp treated all 8 talent fields. 1710 camper-students were provided an opportunity to learn from well-known and recognised teachers and lecturers and to gain a lifetime experience in five days. Our camps are integrated; the participants include(d) students in a disadvantageous or multiply disadvantageous situation.

Most camps ended the intensive 5-day period with presentations and shows. The participants of the “Music of the forest”, Fine Arts, Pop/Classical/World Music camps demonstrated their talents to a large audience.

The call Unlimited Chance affords possibility for talented youngsters to travel to different countries in order to take part in competitions, trainings, master courses, language courses. The programme gives financial support to participation fees, travel costs, accommodation, which costs can be too high for ordinary Hungarian families.


Teaching Gifted and Talented Students

Maynooth, 1st July to 23rd August and 14th October to 9th December, 2013

Developed and run in partnership with the Irish Centre for Talented Youth, Dublin City University, this course is designed to enable teachers and other professionals to identify and respond to the needs of gifted and talented students.

Controversy has surrounded definitions of giftedness and exceptional ability but the reality is that these students are neither as rare nor as easy to identify as is often supposed; exceptionally able or talented students form roughly 10% of the overall student population.

A comprehensive course of more than 20 hours duration, it tackles the myths surrounding giftedness and offers very practical strategies and skills for identifying students with advanced capabilities and talents and responding to their diverse educational needs. While most of the emphasis is on students with advanced academic abilities, the needs of students whose talents lie in other areas, such as those who may be creatively gifted, are also examined. The focus is broad and inclusive and is meant to encompass students with advanced abilities across a range of domains. Summarising current research and best practice and wide ranging in its scope, this course offers a sound foundation to anyone interested in the education of gifted and talented youngsters.

This course is aimed at teachers and others with a professional interest in Gifted and Talented education. It may also be helpful for parents who want more detailed information about the development and education of children and young people who are gifted and talented.

Please visit the webpage of the event for more information!

Dublin City University courses

Dublin, August, 2013

The DCU CTY Ireland which is the biggest talent centre in Ireland organizes several courses for talented and gifted students.
In the middle of August they organize online courses in cooperation with ICEPEurope.


The Vianden International Music Festival and School

Vianden, 11th to 25th August, 2013

Under the leadership of the gifted Semyon Rozin, the Vianden Music Festival is unique among Europe’s many summer training programs in that it provides each student first-hand experience in performances of first-hand experience in performances of chamber music, opera and musical theater with teachers of the first rank.

The program is geared for high school, college and young professionals and designed as an advanced training program for singers, pianists, and orchestral instrumentalists with emphasis on individual music enrichment and advancement as well as preparation given to qualified performers for careers in European countries. Exceptionally talented children and advanced amateurs are also encouraged to apply.

The focal point of the program is Chamber music. Students who are interested only in solo playing are not encouraged to apply.

Explore the festival webpage for more information!


Summer Course in Malaga

Malaga, 25th to 30th August, 2013

Ages: born 1995-2006, both years inclusive.

For boys / girls and adolescents who come for the first time must submit a copy of the report-diagnosis Huerta del Rey Center (by post, telephone and address of the sender), certifying their student status with intellectual giftedness.

Crazy About Biomedicine

Barcelona, January to December, 2013

A year-long workshop in the life sciences for high-school students.
Organized by IRB Barcelona in collaboration with the CatalunyaCaixa Foundation
IRB Barcelona, January-December 2013.

Crazy About Biomedicine is a year-long course directed at students in their first year of baccalaureate, who wish to explore some of the exciting discoveries currently being made in the life sciences. Through this course, students will have a chance to deepen their knowledge of scientific theory and techniques in the field of biomedicine. They will work alongside our young researchers to get a taste for what doing science in a top international research institute is like, gain some hands-on experience in the latest cutting-edge methodologies, and position themselves for a potential career in the life sciences.

Find out more on the webpage of the event!


European Master Classes

Trollhättan, 7th to 18th August, 2013

The Royal College of Music,  Stockholm (KMH), Aurora Chamber Music and Musikakademi Vänersborg organizes European Master Classes & Orchestra i nTrollhättan betweem 7-18 August, with the contribution of 15 world famous professors who teach chamber music and individual lessons as well.

You can find more information on the website of the event.


AU Summer University

Aarhus, 5th to 30th of August, 2013

AU Summer University welcomes Danish and international full-time students, exchange students and free movers. Class sizes range from 20-40 students. In 2012 more than 1200 Danish and international students decided to spend part of their summer taking specialized, intensive courses in Aarhus.

Along with the academic programme, we offer accommodation service, visa service, and a social programme for both lecturers and students.

You can find detailed information on the event's website.

United States of America

Celebrating Giftedness and Creativity

Louisville, 10th to 14th August, 2013

The World Council for Gifted and Talented Children (WCGTC) is very pleased to invite you to participate in its 20th Biennial World Conference, the official international event of the WCGTC. 2013 is the International Year of Giftedness and Creativity (IYGC). This conference is designed to increase public awareness, increase the investment in gifted and creative students and generate enthusiasm for the future of this field of knowledge.

This conference will provide a programme with the highest calibre of keynote speakers, scholars, presenters and exhibitors. It brings leaders in gifted education together to share their knowledge, expertise and practices from many cultures. The venue provides a perfect scientific platform for gifted education, professional dialogue and peer networking aimed at strengthening our services and practices that fulfil our mission.

For more information please visit our website!


Talent is a special kind of natural resource that is available in every country.