My experiences on the Youth Summit

Brief by Rebeka Pusztai.


Rebeka Pusztai


At the ECHA conference and the concurrent European Youth Summit, I gained an insight into the field of talent support in a way that was brand new to me. 

The topic I found most interesting was the education of so-called "twice exceptional" students. I have never heard about the correlation between exceptional ability and mental disorders (for example, the combination of high intelligence and autism) at such depth before. The pursuit of “ideal education” has determined my thinking and goals since high school, and I am particularly interested in the more specific areas of education, absolutely necessary to provide adequate education to all students. This is of course challenging, but the examples and success stories of twice-exceptional students that we heard in the lectures were absolutely motivating. If I am ever involved in improving education, I would love to throw myself into projects that have similar results. 

Several presentations on other topics were also a lasting experience. The scientific approach to talent management motivates research that combines several interesting fields, and thanks to this we have had the opportunity to listen to a presentation on mathematical creativity, a concept I first heard about at a conference in The Hague. A test to measure mathematical creativity (with assignments that make the brain work in special ways, for example, describing different pictures mathematically) was compiled using scientific methods. 

It was also nice to see that talent management is also present in developing countries. The presentation of two representatives of the Mully Family from Kenya gave me an insight into a most exemplary activity. The organisation educates children who face particular difficulties. They provide them with everything: housing, community experience, education, clubs specialising in leisure activities and spiritual education. All children are helped to develop in areas where they show their strengths, be it physical or cognitive talents.

The conference exceeded all my expectations. It was a great environment to expand my knowledge in many different areas - I hope to have the opportunity to participate at similar events again soon.


Talent is a special kind of natural resource that is available in every country.