Amoeba Foundation

Amoeba offers educational opportunities for the youth nationally including trainings, clubs, student camps, competitions and examinations. Besides this, the foundation organizes health management courses for GPs, high standard informatics trainings for teenagers and adults, professional teacher trainings, entrepreneurial trainings for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, and trainings for international exams.
The Foundation has been a member of the National Talent Support Council (Hungary) since 2007 and it is a founding member of the Hungarian Federation of Talent Support Organisations. In the network of talent points established by the Council in 2008, Amoeba Foundation has been present as registered talent point since 2009 and as accredited talent point since 2011. The Foundation contributed to boost talent support in Transylvania from the beginnings; it was the initiator of the Transylvanian Talent Support Council and was offered a prize of “Cultural Freedom” by the General Education Inspectorate for its achievements in the field of education in 2000.

Kinga Bereczki: Talent Support Programme of Amoeba Foundation (pdf)
Amoeba Foundation

Talent is a special kind of natural resource that is available in every country.