Activities of the European Talent Centre - Budapest in 2022-23

The National Talent Program has been continuously supporting the Budapest European Talent Center (EUTK) for 11 years as part of an invitational tender. Following the work of the EUTK, new initiatives in the field of talent support were launched across Europe as a result of common European will and cooperation. The biggest achievement for which EUTK had the worked a lot was the establishment of the European Talent Support Network (ETSN) 8 years ago. With more than 500 institutions present in 50 countries, the Network has now grown into the most significant European NGO dealing with talent support, and it closely cooperates with the European Talent Council, ECHA. The number of participating institutions is constantly increasing. 

Through the Network and EUTK's presentations, the Hungarian example of networking influenced many countries, they started to build a Talent Point system similar to ours, Hungarian ideas appeared in the German national talent program, too. Similar ones to the talent map on the Matehetsz page have appeared in several countries, moreover joining ETSN gives strength and recognition to Talent Points in countries where the talent support policy is not nearly as extensive as in Hungary. 

Every year, the EUTK has new and in many cases recurring tasks. In recent years it has emerged that groups of teachers and researchers approx. from 20 countries come to the EUTK continuously. They are usually interested in the good practices taking place in domestic talentpoints and also interested in the National Talent Program. In the last project period, visitors came from 5 countries. In total, 16 good practices were presented, some more than once. The aim of the EUTK is to give a chance for the colleagues working in the Hungarian Talentpoints to hear about the latest research results in the field of giftedness in Hungarian and in English language. There were 21 opportunities to meet and talk with leading domestic and European researchers in the framework of various online workshops. The EUTK also coordinates Talent Point applications from all over the world, and participates in ETSN's joint tasks, e.g. In September 2022, they were an active participant in the ETSN Youth Summit in the Hague, to which they also delegated 5 students. In this application period, EUTK's palette was expanded with another task, the application for admission to the Global Talent Mentoring program, which was launched in cooperation with the University of Regensburg, connecting "the world's best students with the world's best mentors". If the applicants get in, they can take part in a long-term mentoring process in the field of natural sciences that lasts until the completion of their PhD work, and last but not least, they can meet young people with similar thoughts and interests and make lifelong friendships.


Talent is a special kind of natural resource that is available in every country.