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Videos (theories, demos)

Creative Problem Solving Group- How to Inject & Manage Innovation in your Organization

Dr. Scott Isaksen, founder and president of the Creative Problem Solving Group in Buffalo, NY (CPSB), speaks with David Gueuns on how organizations can cultivate innovation for sustainable business success.
Scott, who also is a former professor and director of the Center for Studies in Creativity at Buffalo State College, describes the systemic approach towards innovation that unfortunately is often not considered by many top organizational leaders.

Motivating the 21st century gifted child

Do you have a gifted student that says they are bored? Does your child hate school? What type of motivational strategies are you using? The key to igniting your gifted student with a life-long love of learning is incorporating 3 strategies: acceleration, compacting and enrichment. If you can relate to any of these things, then this training s for you.

How to teach Gifted Kids

12th grade graduates telling teachers how to teach them.

Gifted Testing and 7 Key Characteristics That Show Up in Childhood

Gifted testing and gifted intelligence. Dr Joan Pastor examines the 6-7 characteristic that show up in childhood that could result to accurate gifted testing in teens and adults

Snétberger Music Talent Center

Snétberger Music Talent Center was established in Hungary to support young roma musicians and help them build a successful music career. The children are mentored by professional well known and respected musicians. 

The Network Concept of Creativity and Talent Support- Prof. Peter Csermely

Peter Csermely is a professor of the Semmelweis University (Budapest, Hungary) studying networks and talent support ( In 1995 he established a research network for more than 10,000 gifted high school students. Together with Leon Lederman Nobel Laureate in 2000 he started the Network of Youth Excellence ( fostering talent support collaboration of 13 countries.

Who Decides What Giftedness Is? - Dr.Roland Persson

20th Biennial World Conference od World Council for Gifted and Talented- Keynote by Roland S. Persson

ECHA conference Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2014

Invitation to  Ljubljana, Slovenia, to the 14th International ECHA Conference with title Re:Thinking giftedness - Giftedness in the digital age.

ECHA Conference Paris, 2010

This video is a short portrait of the ECHA conference in Paris 2010.The major goal of ECHA is to act as a communications network to promote the exchange of information among people interested in high ability -- educators, researchers, psychologists, parents and the highly able themselves. As the ECHA network grows, provision for highly able people improves and these improvements are beneficial to all members of society.

The 13th International ECHA Conference in Münster, Germany

Internationally known and respected professionals gathered in the 13th International ECHA Conference in Münster, Germany. They all aim to bring new impulses to, and facilitate a lively exchange between, experts in the field of giftedness.


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