Events in 2014

Exclusive Summer School

Exclusive Summer School programs at fascinating UK locations in St Andrews and Cambridge.

The exclusive ISSOS summer school program offers high school students from all over the world (aged 13-18) the unique opportunity to combine learning, creative enrichment and action-packed adventure in one of two amazing, historic and picturesque UK university towns of St Andrews and Cambridge. ISSOS offers a three week summer school program and limits the number of students from one nationality to 10% in order to guarantee a truly international experience.

European Summer School

Ruhr University Bochum, Germany, 7 Sept – 20 Sept 2014-

Interdisciplinary course on memory and mind, integrating the fields of philosophy, neuroscience, psychology, computer science and medicine.

Summer Sessions at Salzburg College

From May to August Salzburg College offers several summer sessions for undergraduate students. The summer sessions are either offered exclusively by Salzburg College or as Joint Programs together with a US-American partner institution.

Oxbridge Academic Programs

They are welcoming intellectually adventurous high school and junior high school students to Europe for over 25 years. Professor James Basker has designed these programs for students in grades 8 to 12 - all with the goal of giving young people the opportunity to live and study in the historic and scholarly centers of learning that are Oxford and Cambridge in England, Barcelona and Salamanca in Spain, and Paris and Montpellier in France . and in NY. In England, they offer different programs for 8th and 9th graders than we do 10th - 12th graders.

Summerfuel - Oxford

Each Summerfuel Pre-College program gives high school students a chance to live like an undergraduate and enjoy a preview of university life. Students are inspired by active, engaging curricula designed to help them think critically, explore new subjects and discover their passions.

Classes are balanced by a full schedule of afternoon activities, evening events and excursions intended to offer fun, interesting ways to connect with new friends and make the most of students’ time
 on campus.

Gifted Education in the Classroom and at home: Strategies for parents and teachers

  • July 14th -17th 2014
  • The Catholic University of Peru


Towards a European Talent Support Network

  • 8-10 May 2014
  • Budapest

To develop a talent-friendly society we need new, effective talent support systems. The first step towards this is to learn how to cooperate, to share information, to make new contacts. In other words: networking is a necessity.

The purpose of the conference is to build a European Talent Support Network.

You can read more on this event on the offical website and out our News & Event page!

The 13th Asia-Pacific Conference on Giftedness

The 13th Asia-Pacific Conference on Giftedness
Beijing, China on August 3-6, 2014

SENG Annual Conference San José, California

Most conferences about giftedness focus primarily on educational issues. While they may include a few presentations about the social and emotional development and needs of gifted people and the challenges facing the gifted population, these presentations play a minor role. SENG conferences reverse the priorities. They believe that recognizing, understanding, and accepting the social and emotional needs of this population are the first priorities for teachers, parents, and counselors. The conference is in 2014 July 18-20, San José, CAlifornia.

Innovation in Education

The International Centre for Innovation in Education (ICIE) is committed to the development of all learners as productive world citizens and leaders for the future. This International Conference will provide a conference programme with the highest calibre of: Nobel Prize winners, keynote speakers, invited speakers, and a large number of scholars and presenters alongside a selection of exhibitors. This conference, in Paris - France (July 7-10, 2014), is another milestone in the journey towards leadership, creativity and innovation.


Talent is a special kind of natural resource that is available in every country.