YOUTH SUMMIT of the European Talent Support Network 2017

29 March - 2 April 2017

An article by SAI ADHYE

It was a wonderful opportunity for participants to meet like-minded individuals from different parts of the world having undergone a variety of talent development programs. There were 64 participants from 17 countries representing a total of 20 nationalities from the age of 14-26. The five days were marked by interactive sessions with eminent figures in the field of giftedness and workshops on future projects along with a taste of Hungarian culture.

Prof. Peter Csermely’s opening presentation on ‘Networking Day’ helped participants understand how to best use their intelligence and creativity along with guidance for creating a strong network for the Youth Platform over the course of time. This was followed by a series of ‘Lightning Talks’ – short Ted-talk style presentations where participants introduced their Talent Centers and Points to the group. It also provided participants the space to express and share their most cherished pursuits and accomplishments, which proved inspiring for everyone present.

On ‘Talent Day’, Dr. Ziegler introduced participants to different concepts of giftedness as well as the extensive scope of research being done in this field. Dr. Szilvia Peter-Szarka offered participants a chance to understand the complexities of defining giftedness and the ensuing difficulties in determining rights for gifted and talented students. Work on the EU Charter on Rights of Gifted Students continued with different groups providing suggestions for different sections of the Charter. William Benkő also conducted an extremely useful workshop on public speaking, helping participants realize the importance and most efficient method of conveying their thoughts.

And lastly, ‘Innovation Day’, which was partially conducted at the Central European University in Budapest, proved to be a beneficial platform for participants to find creative solutions for ongoing and future Youth Platform projects. The bonds formed over the past few days along with enhanced knowledge of giftedness enabled team work on crystalizing ideas into structured projects such as an International Mentoring Program, Cultural Exchange Program etc.

All this along with enjoyable activities such as a boat ride on the Danube river and learning Hungarian folk dances made for an incredibly eventful as well as enriching five days. It was a structured yet organic journey of getting to know other Youth Platform members, understanding our common platform and rights, and exploring what we can do with it to bring about effective change in the field of talent and giftedness.

Check out more photos of the event on our Google Drive space!

Talent is a special kind of natural resource that is available in every country.