Budapest Conference on Cyberspace 2012

4-5 October 2012

On 4-5 October 2012 the Hungarian capital will host the first follow-up conference to the 2011 London Conference on Cyberspace. The event, taking place in the heart of Budapest, will gather together nearly 600 representatives from government, the private sector, civil society and the scientific community, as well as around 100 international journalists.

The conference will adopt the thematic and programme structure of last year’s event in London, giving participants the opportunity to discuss various questions related to cyberspace. Elements will include the following: three plenary sessions; five thematic panel discussions on social, economic and security questions; eight workshops; a Youth Forum; and the ‘Innovation Exhibition’.

The event’s official slogan – ‘With Trust and Security for Freedom and Prosperity’ – reflects the main objectives: to promote capacity development, security and the free use of cyberspace through close and practical cooperation between the private sector and government, as well as through more efficient cooperation between regional organisations.

Since the programme pays particular attention to the fight against cybercrime, the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is also encouraging other countries to join the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime, which was adopted by the Council of Europe in 2001; since then 36 countries have ratified and another 11 have signed the convention.

The follow-up event to the London and Budapest conferences will be a conference in Seoul next year.

Further information on the 2012 Budapest Conference on Cyberspace is available here:

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