14th International ECHA Conference

17-20 September 2014

ECHA 2014 Call for Proposals

The 2014 conference highlights Re:thinking Giftedness: Giftedness in the Digital Age. The concept of giftedness is continuing to undergo change at a rapid pace and the experiences of those who work in the field are being transformed as a consequence. Presentations and discussions will explore European and global trends and examine what research into rethinking giftedness in a digital age tells us about the impact of these changes.

The conference offers presenters the opportunity to submit research results and/or experiences from practice in five different proposal formats: symposia, papers, posters, workshops, and demonstrations. For all formats an e-abstract submission is required by April, 30, 2014. Abstracts will be reviewed by the conference programme committee for relevance to the conference theme and methodological rigor. Detailed guidelines on the submission process are available from the conference website www.echa2014.info.

Symposia: 3 – 4 papers from different countries and a discussant around a common theme. Each session will last for 120 minutes including discussion.

Papers: 30 minutes each including discussion. Individual papers will be grouped into larger sessions by theme.

Posters: posters will be displayed, and informal sessions will be organised for conference participants to interact with authors.

Demonstrations: 30 minute practical demonstrations relating to teaching or research tools and methods in ICT, music, dance, theatre, painting, photography, video, and other art forms.

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  • Conference Programme
    Assoc. Prof. Mojca Juriševič
    University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Education
    E-mail: mojca.jurisevic@pef.uni-lj.si
  • Conference Managment
    Maruška Željeznov Seničar
    MiB d.o.o., Ljubljana
    Phone: +386 59 072 730
    Fax: +386 59 072 739
    E-mail: conference@echa2014.info

Talent is a special kind of natural resource that is available in every country.