Talent is a priority in the cultural and economic wealth of a nation.  Whether from individuals or group endeavours, its contribution depends on its recognition and growth.  It can be influenced from home, from formal education and from a culture in which potential of all sorts can interact and flourish.  Often, talent needs a helping hand from childhood or it can also emerge sometimes unexpectedly later in life, though it does not emerge independently.

The European Talent Support Network throws out lifelines to form a dynamic net of connections across countries, and is set to embrace communities outside Europe.  The Network provides a living route to enable ideas, experience and data to be shared between helpers and the talented themselves.  It’s power is positive, working through the bigger hubs called Talent Centres to involve the more local nodes called Talent Points.

One of the main objectives of the European Talent Centre – Budapest is to contribute to the operation of the European Talent Support Network consisting of a number of Centres in different countries by now.

The Centre’s mission is to

  • draw attention to the vital importance of interactive networking for talent support
  • stimulate the support of potential talent by easing communication of how this could be done
  • build and maintain a cooperating network of talent support organisations and institutions
  • give talented individuals access to the best and most appropriate support
  • encourage authorities to make wise use of policies and resources based on evidence about their effects
  • help create a talent friendly Europe which is attractive to the rest of the world

Talent is a special kind of natural resource that is available in every country.