Research Scholarship by Stephen W. Kuffler - Call for application

The application is open for bachelor, master and medical students who carried out original research in Central- and Eastern Europe in the academic year 2012/13 and continue in the year 2013/14 in the fields of life- and medical sciences.

 The award of the fellowship is 170 000 HUF.

 The application should contain:

  1. The CV and career plans of the applicant,
  2. A full publication list, including original papers, oral and poster conference presentations,
  3. A short (max. 1 pages; max. 450 words) description of the research.

 Applications should be sent as one pdf file to before 15th November 2013.

 Two letters of references, one from the scientific advisor and one from another faculty member or colleague, should be sent directly to before 15th November 2013.

 The application will be judged and ranked by the Trustees of the Foundation based on their scientific excellence and future potential. The winners will be announced and their names will be displayed on the web site of the Foundation ( on 15th December 2013. The Foundation will follow the developments of the Awardees and request a short summary of the performed research after the completion of the Fellowship.  The Foundation also aims to follow and support the scientific career of the Scholars after the end of the support period.


The Board of Trustees

 9th October 2013

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