Merit Scholarship

The Milestone Institute is a centre of advanced studies, founded to nurture the intellectual development of gifted students and inspire them in their pursuit of academic excellence. Our mission is to act as a catalyst of societal progress by offering the brightest students in Hungary an internationally recognised education programme.

Here at Milestone we believe in achievement, aspiration, potential. We are dedicated to the development of young people to create future leaders and we believe in rewarding those who have demonstrated exceptional intellectual development and achievement. Milestone is delighted to award fee-waiver scholarships for those eligible students entering the Senior Year.

Our Merit Scholarship holders have generally excelled at national, regional and international Academic Olympiad competitions. Scholarships are also awarded based on past achievements and consistently high academic performance. Scholarships will be awarded as a percentage of the programme cost, from 10% to 100%.

Please note that Merit scholarships may be revoked and subject to repayment if the student’s performance is found to be unsatisfactory.

Eligibility: recipients should

  • qualify for a place at the Institute, either through Milestone’s admission process and criteria or by continuing his/her studies as a Milestone student;
  • have successfully participated in a number of academic competitions;
  • be able to demonstrate through past achievement and performance that they possess exceptional intellectual potential.

To apply
Please fill in the application form that can be found here.

Please note that the Merit scholarship requires the submission of a number of supporting documents, therefore we strongly recommend students start the application early.

Deadline for applications: Monday 2th April, 2018.

Final decision due: mid-April

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