ECHA Conference 2016

The ECHA Conference 2016 not only highlighted intellectual abilities but also addressed the many faces of intelligences and talents and that make a society thrive. The conference’s scope was interdisciplinary: experts from education, psychology, society, religion, economics, philosophy, culture and many more convened in Vienna to present their research findings and propose practical ideas.

In the poster section there was a Hungarian success, Balázs Hornyák’s poster “Musical Talent Balance Model in the Mirror of Music Competitions” got one of the awards for the Best Poster Presentation. The award is based on the votes of the participants and that fact gives a special value to it.

Also  ECHA elected its new leaders for the coming years.  Péter Csermely (Hungary) was re-elected as President of the organization while Albert Ziegler (Germany) was elected to be the new Vice-President and Colm O'Reilly (Ireland) the new Secretary of ECHA. Christian Fischer (Germany) will remain an invited member of the ECHA General Committee after the term of the current Committee expires on September 14th, as the newly elected chair of the ECHA Education Board. The members of the Board are Ulrike Kempter (Austria), Lianne Hoogeveen (The Netherlands), Victor Müller-Oppliger (Switzerland) and Szilvia Péter-Szarka (Hungary). Lianne Hoogeveen became an Honorary Member of ECHA for her great help as an ECHA Secretary for 4 years. Lianne remained the member of the ECHA General Committee. Tessa Kieboom was re-elected to be the ECHA Treasurer, similarly to Margaret Sutherland and Anna Maria Roncoroni (Italy), who were re-elected as members of the General Committee. The ECHA Qualification Committee has two new members (besides Lianne Hoogeveen, Margaret Sutherland (United Kingdom), Christian Fischer (Germany), as well as Csilla Fuszek (Hungary) and Colm O'Reilly, whose mandate was extended by 4 years), Ugur Sak (Turkey) and Bronė Narkevičienė (Lithuania). ECHA has two new auditors, Mariska Poelman (The Netherlands) and Laili Sakieva (Latvia).

You can read more about the conference in its Programme Booklet.

The next ECHA conference will be held in Ireland in 2018.

Talent is a special kind of natural resource that is available in every country.