Austrian Research and Support Center for the Gifted and Talented

The 112-page-long White Paper “Promoting Talent and Excellence”  covers the challenges and goals as well as the legal basis of the promotion of giftedness, talent, and excellence, and addresses networking, qualification, and research. The White Paper, which is the result of a discussion that has lasted for more than an year, also describes, how individual gifts and talents can be fostered within fields of action: from kindergarten and school to university, community and economy.

This paper is not intended to terminate or complete the professional discussion, rather, it should be passed on to representative and relevant national institutions, with an invitation to add ideas and comments. It invites its readers to join a broad debate on how we can face up to European and global competition, avoid brain drain and ensure brain gain, while striving to foster the talents and potentials of Austria and Europe to help them achieve excellent performance.

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Talent is a special kind of natural resource that is available in every country.