The next IRATDE conference will be held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates 6-9 October 2017

6-9 Oktober 2017

The IRATDE hosts a biennial international conference on gifted and talented children, excellence across domains, innovation and invention during autumn in odd-numbered years. The Executive Committee determines the location and dates of the conferences. Bids or proposals to host an IRATDE biennial conference mustbe made three years before the conference.

Keynote presenters in Dubai:

  • Françoys Gagné (Canada; presenting his model),
  • Marilena Leana-Tascilar (Turkey; speaking about labeling the gifted),
  • Heidrun Stoeger (Germany; speaking about mentoring),
  • Albert Ziegler (Germany; speaking about gifted identification),
  • Csilla Fuszek (Hungary, speaking about the ETSN),
  • Marcia Gentry (USA; speaking about effective teaching),
  • Claude Steele (USA; speaking about stereotype threats to talents),
  • Mariam AlGhawi (UAE; speaking about cultural aspects of gifted education),
  • Chingchih Kuo (Taiwan; speaking about domain-specific intelligence and creativity),
  • Abdullah Aljughaiman (Saudi Arabia; speaking about gifted programs),
  • Joy Lawson Davis (USA; speaking about a diversity framework to design and deliver curriculum for the gifted),
  • Anastasia Efklides (Greece; speaking about learning processes and metacognition),
  • Roger Säljö (Sweden; speaking about digital learning),
  • Karine Verschueren (Belgium; speaking about optimal teacher-student interaction).

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